Learn How To Skate, Play Hockey and Party at the Hat Trick Training Center

Jonathan SupornWelcome to the Hat Trick Training Center!

“My name is Jonny and I am the Director of Hockey Operations at the Hat Trick Center. If you don’t know me, I am a rink rat where most of the kids like to refer to me as Jonny Hockey! There is no where in the world that I would rather be than in a hockey rink helping young players enjoy my favorite sport. At the Hat Trick Center, we offer Learn to Skate and Learn to Play Hockey Lessons as well as Small Group Private Lessons and One on One Private lessons… Hey, we even hold Hockey Birthday Parties if you are up for it!”

“As you can see in the picture I have scored a few goals myself and hope I can help your child find the same passion for the game that I have. From the first time they put on the skates to scoring their first goal I will be there every step of the way. Please check out the programs below and feel free to call me at (978) 697-8949  with any questions or email me at jonnyhockey23@gmail.com. I look forward to making your experience at the Hat Trick Training Center a great one!”

My Availability (As of March, 2020):

Tuesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
5:45-6:45pm 5:45-6:45pm 5:45-6:45pm 9-10am 3-4pm
6:45-7:45pm 6:45-7:45pm 6:45-7:45pm 10-11am 5-6pm
7:45-8:45pm 7:45-8:45pm 7:45-8:45pm 11-12pm 6-7pm
12-1pm 7-8pm
1-2pm 8-9pm

SIGlearntoskateeThe Hat Trick Center Player Development Programs

  • Learn to Skate
  • Learn to Play Hockey
  • One on One Private Lessons
  • Custom Training
  • Birthday Parties

Watching and learning

Learn to Skate

Learning the proper techniques and strategies of skating is very important.  Young hockey players should practice their very best and never be afraid to ask for help.  We want each player to grow and better themselves each and every day on the ice, while staying safe and protected with the proper equipment.  We hope you all enjoy the learning process and remember these times forever, the beginning of each child’s hockey career!

What to wear?

Single blade skates, hockey or figure, a helmet, bike/ski/hockey are all acceptable, warm loose clothes, gloves or mittens.

Send Jonny an email for all inquiries.


Learn to Play Hockey

Once a child learns how to skate it’s time to put a stick in their hands and let them have some fun. Learn to play hockey is for boys and girls who want to take the next step in playing the greatest game in the world. These 50 minute lessons are broken down into four parts.

  1. Skating
  2. Puck Handling
  3. Passing
  4. Shooting

What to wear?

Boys and girls participating in the Hat Trick Center learn to Play Hockey program should be fully geared up for hockey. TSR is where we would recommend to get fitted properly from the beginning.

Send Jonny an email for all inquiries.

The Goal Scoring Program

HTTC Director of Hockey Operations Jonny “Hockey” will be holding goal scoring clinics on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. The goal scoring program is based on a pyramid of drills that begins with a base and continues to build each lesson. The pyramid starts with the grip, release and body positioning and includes the wrist shot, snap shot, backhand, dekes, tips, one timers, deception and the slap shot (age appropriate)

What to wear?

Boys and girls participating in the Hat Trick Center learn to Play Hockey program should be fully geared up for hockey. TSR is where we would recommend to get fitted properly.

Cost $35 Per Lesson. Package of 8 Lessons in $280. Limited to 3 participants.

Have the best birthday party ever at the Hat Trick Center

Make your child’s next birthday party a big hit with the help of our staff. You will have exclusive access to the Hat Trick Center for two and a half hours for you to enjoy our facility. We will have a staff member there to greet your group, help set up a table with your cake and goodies and even be on the ice and help run fun games for the kids.

What to bring?

Birthday parents are asked to bring a cake and any other food choices. Bringing or having pizza delivered is always a big hit. Please bring party plates and plastic cutlery. For beverages, please only bring a case of bottled water and please do not bring ice cream.

Cost $195 includes 2 1/2 hours of exclusive access to the Hat Trick Center plus a HTTC party ambassador for up to 15 children


To register for one of our programs please contact our Director of Hockey Operations, Jonny, at (978) 697-8949 or email jonnyhockey23@gmail.com.